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Dear friends,

"So stayed tuned for tales Out of Africa next year, same time, same place", with these words ended my last report 2010.

And what a great year we had:

Went in January to Australia, Dubai, South Africa, Germany, back to Dubai and finally New Zealand and back home to Tonga in August.

Unfortunately I needed quite a long time to finish the German report and ran out of time to do the same in English. In Germany we have a saying that one picture tells you more than a thousand words, so I hope you will understand, what we have experienced in looking at the pictures and maybe try to translate some written parts with one of the online translation services, maybe my story gets a bit more funny;-)

Please have a look here at "BERICHTE" -BERICHT 2011


For now we'll celebrate Christmas and New Year and wish you all a










We thank you all for your friendship, your emails, good wishes and all the goodwill we received. We hope to meet you again next year or at least hear from you once in a while.


With our best regards from the South Seas

Elke & Werner       

       and cat Minks   Minks


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